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Casino Hide Tanners is dedicated to customer service and is focussed on maintaining its high reputation worldwide.

The Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd operates a tannery as part of its integrated processing service.

Casino Hide Tanners is devoted to processing the Co-operative’s hides from green through to wet blue leather, as well as productions from other selected producers within the area.

Established in 1975, Casino Hide Tanners (CHT) was one of the first tanneries in Australia dedicated to the tanning of cattle hides for export. Over the years, additions to the tannery have made it one of the larger installations in Australia, with the capacity to convert over 900,000 cattle hides each year.

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Casino Hide Tanners
10615 Summerland Way
CASINO  NSW  2470  Australia

Phone +61 (02) 6662 2444
Fax +61 (02) 6662 3391

Casino Hide Tanners - Gold Rated

Environmental Management Practices

As a member of the Leather Working Group, CHT has maintained gold level status as part of audited accreditation under the Leather Working Group.

Located on the same site as the abattoir all hides are received immediately after slaughter and put directly into production. Rapid receipt and prompt processing can mean technically better quality leathers for customers. Under a patented system, each hide is uniquely and individually identified. This enables the tracking of the origin and movement of every hide, from farm of origin through slaughter and on to their final destination.

All hides are fleshed on arrival at the tannery, with weights prior to and after fleshing being carefully recorded. Using 24 tanning drums, hides are then loaded for de-hairing and eventual tanning. Different styles of hides can require different tannages. Each step of each drum’s process is carefully controlled and recorded, to ensure that the final product will consistently meet the exacting requirements of CHTs customers globally.

After tanning, hides are graded to strict criteria under exacting conditions, by trained and experienced assessors. Damages to the grain of the hide caused by branding, insects, parasites and scratches are identified and used to determine the final allocation into one of eight quality categories. Casino Hide Tanners grading structure has been carefully designed to provide consistent and accurate hides which can be product specific for their potential end use, yet still allow for flexibility in order to meet a customer’s specific needs. Utilising a state-of-the-art splitting operation CHT then also split hides and, when requested side hides to customer’s pre-determined requirements.

Every drum load of hides is tested in an accredited laboratory for its various physical and chemical properties, ensuring that the high standards of its customers can be met and maintained. On completion of the production process and confirmation that all the physical properties are correct, hides are packed and labeled ready for shipment throughout the world. Modern computer systems, coupled with CHTs unique identification numbering, allows the opportunity for CHT to provide its customers with full data and complete traceability of their wet-blue hides, grains and drop-splits.

CHT prides itself on its environmental management practices.

Casino Hide Tanners is dedicated to customer service and is focused on maintaining its high reputation worldwide.